Hyperchondriac Fashion

Lights up on stage where a whole bunch of "fashionistas" are sitting down watching a "fashion" parade.
they all exhibit some kind of OCD in relation to some sort of condition.
The idea is that this is some sort of exhibition/fashion show/convention for hyperchondriacs. what diseases are in, whats out, what vaccinations are hip, what's not.
things like
"bird flu? puh-lease, that was so last year, this year swine flu is all the rage." or something more subtle to do with imports from mexico.
"oldies but goodies - suspicious lumps, cancer, angina, lupis" possible cameo of "house" "oo is it lupis?" "its never lupis"
"model walks out on stage wearing normal clothing - the fashionistas look confused - the model then takes off her jacket, revealing a singlet top of some sort which shows her arms, and a "i did" bandage" could be followed by a man walking out and doing exactly the same thing and the fashionistas going wild or something.

oh and someone find a better name for it.