Logical Proof

Logical Proof that the use of the word ‘Gay’ as an adjective to describe an idea is in fact a compliment:


Once I was at a certain meeting. I put forward a rather radical idea and one of the other people present responded by saying ‘That is a gay idea.’ A gay man who was also present at the meeting responded, in an understandably frosty tone, ‘Could you please not use that word in that way?’ I thought about it, and slowly it came to me that the other person was in fact offering a compliment, if one thinks about it logically, like so;


The most basic modern definition of the word ‘gay’, when applied to men, describes a man that is attracted to other men, and when applied to women describes a woman that is attracted to other women. We infer from these specific examples that to call a Thing gay is to imply that it is attracted to other Things, where Thing is a generic pronumeral. From this, it follows logically that a gay idea is an idea that is attracted to other ideas, and where both ideas are gay they may be attracted to each other. Ultimately, an idea that is attracted to and attracts other ideas is the best kind of idea, because you get more ideas, so it follows that to call an idea gay is a very good thing!