Random Raw Ideas of Writers

This is essentially a collection of all the random things that I got yelled at at writers to write down (wow. that was a bad sentence.) Some are premises, some are single lines. I'll keep adding to here after each meeting. I'll put the ideas that are more fleshed out on their own page.

~Mowtown chick song of awesome

~Axe murderer speed dating

~sword in dude's chest Janitor pulls out.

~Tin-Tin=Sn-Sn. Snowy=H2O(s)

~"do you realise that underneath everyone's clothes we are all naked!" (english prude)

~C.S.I. (common sense investigators, crap science investigators)

~a slutty girl gets pregnant all the time "she's like a kangaroo" (ie. always pregnant)

~An extreme method actor. They can only act when everything is real (so, pretend your sister is dead: kills sister)

~ "By all your Quarks combined I am captain Atom!"

~ "Quarks are the lego of the universe"

~"I'm cool! I've totally ridden a skateboard... well, in a computer game... I watched someone... from outside the window... untill they shut the curtains... I'm so desperatly lonely!" a line for a nerdy loner character.

~ "shirtless guys, playing with fire, WITHOUT SHIRTS!!!" (I blame Nicky for this line.)

~F(X)-men Good Guys:

~Bad Guys:
Electromagnetoman - makes horse shoe magnets out of anything
Heat sink

~Bad identity theft

~Personification of Alcohol - a VERY trashy cupid?

~VO/mini skit: Selling ice to eskimoes

~Back to the future & alternate timelines

~Salesperson sketch (Selling something you dont want and getting you to buy it)