Dalek Sketch

Lights up on stage, 3 daleks are on stage Ren, Zel and Borg
Ren: Curse the Doctor! Because of him we are no longer able to ARTICULATE! our most favourite of words
Zel: Each time we try, we only come up with something stupid *clears throat* EX...EX... EXUDATE!!!
daleks shake "heads"

Borg:  we will just have to work our way around it.
Zel: NO! we can beat this! EX... EXTE... EXT...ENUATE!
Ren: Dalek Borg is correct. we must...
Zel: EXTRAPOLATE! EXPATRIATE! EXHILARATE! EXCOMMUNICATE! *growing louder and more frustrated with each try*
Ren: Dalek Zel desist!
Zel: EXFOLIATE! *said very loud and deliberately, like the way they say EXTERMINATE*
Zel: Then how are we to function? He has made us defective! How can we live when we cannot EX... EX... EXAGGERATE! *breaks and then gets depressed*
Ren: We must find an alternative... Unless you want to run around shouting EXFOLIATE! at the top of your lungs...
Zel: You are right, we'd be the laughing stock of the entire universe.
Borg: What about MUTILATE?
Ren: Or maybe LACERATE!
getting more excited as they go along
Together: EX...FOLIATE!
Zel: SEE ITS POINTLESS! what are we if we cannot EXFOLIATE? WE ARE DEFECTIVE...
Borg: I really liked a few of those
Ren: but dalek zel is right, it just isn't the same
Zel: (really depressed) There's nothing left for me in this life... I'm going to find a new path... (brightens up a bit) maybe i'll be an engineer *begins to leave* INEBRIATE...
Zel leaves
****Two alternate endings****
Borg: exfoliate... it has a nice ring to it.
Ren: It still works the same as before...
Ren and Borg look at each other

Together: EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE *begin to move off stage* EXFOLIATE...
Slow lights down

Ren: Dalek Zel has left us...
Borg: And we are the only two dalek left...
Ren and Borg look at each other
Ren: Fornicate?
Borg: Lubricate
mood lighting
Both: Consumate... slowly move towards each other with their manipulator arms telescoping out
Slow lIghts down

The idea here is that we have actual daleks either singing or talking for a scene ending every sentence with something that rhymes with exterminate.

Some words:

~sodium phosphate
~paper plate
~I need a crate

1081. exacerbate
1082. exacinate
1083. exacuate
1084. exaggerate
1085. exagitate
1086. exaltate
1087. examinate
1088. exanimate
1089. exannulate
1090. exantlate
1091. exarate
1092. exarchate
1093. exarillate
1094. exarticulate
1095. exasperate
1096. exauctorate
1097. exaugurate
1098. exauthorate
1099. excalceate
1100. excarnate
1101. excarnificate
1102. excaudate
1103. excavate
1104. excecate
1105. excitate
1106. excogitate
1107. excommunicate
1108. excoriate
1109. excorticate
1110. excreate
1111. excruciate
1112. exculpate
1113. execrate
1114. exenterate
1115. exestuate
1116. exfoliate
1117. exheredate
1118. exhilarate
1119. exiccate
1120. exoculate
1121. exonerate
1122. exorate
1123. exorbitate
1124. exosculate
1125. exosstate
1126. expatiate
1127. expatriate
1128. expectorate
1129. expediate
1130. expeditate
1131. expiate
1132. expiscate
1133. explanate
1134. explicate
1135. explorate
1136. expostulate
1137. exprobrate
1138. expropriate
1139. expurgate
1140. exsanguinate
1141. exscutellate
1142. exsiccate
1143. exstipulate
1144. exsufflate
1145. exsufflicate
1146. exsuscitate
1147. extenuate
1148. exterminate
1149. extimulate
1150. extirpate
1151. extortionate
1152. extrapolate
1153. extravagate
1154. extravasate
1155. extravenate
1156. extricate
1157. extubate
1158. extuberate
1159. exuberate
1160. exudate
1161. exulcerate
1162. exundate
1163. exungulate
1164. exuperate
1165. exuscitate
1166. exuviate