Generic Hero

Hi, my name is Handsome Actor. You might know me better as Intrepid Adventurer from the blockbuster movies Generic Adventure, Generic Adventure 2: The Sequel, Generic Adventure 3: The Prequel, and Generic Adventure 4: The sudden realisation that we can make more money by flogging a dead horse.

I am here today to talk to you about a very worthy cause: Generic Charity. Generic Charity helps thousands of people of Specific Demographic to overcome Debilitating Problem. Debilitating Problem affects these people of Specific Demographic in a Horrible Way. Here are pictures of Cute Children whose lives are destroyed by Debilitating Problem. I think you should pity them.

Please support Generic Charity by calling Ridiculously Long Number and making a donation, or by buying Gimmicky Item on Generic Charity Day.

Thank you, and Reference to Generic Adventure.