Nude Sketch Idea

Another idea for the Nude Sketch...
The screen is set up at the back of the stage, and a chair is down the front. Husband (fully clothed in a suit, tie etc.) comes onstage looking exhausted and sits down in the chair to read his newspaper.
A TOOLMAN (wearing only tool pouch, containing various phallic objects like a hammer, chisel, extendable tape measure, etc.) comes out of his wife's bedroom.
The WIFE comes out carrying something or other, sees the Husband, mouths 'HOLY SHIT', before awkwardly saying hello to the husband and going back to her room. The Husband and Toolman have an exchange, like
HUSBAND: So, what are you doing here?
TOOLMAN: Oh, I was just... plugging a hole in your wife's bedroom. (I know everyone wants it silent but I couldn't resist)
Note that the Husband must at no point adknowledge that the Toolman or any of them are naked.
Wife comes back on, trying to sneak past with a DIRECTOR who is carrying a clapper board (possibly wearing a beret), and a CAMERAMAN who is carrying a camera. She tries to sneak them past, but the Husband notices (though still doesn't notice that they're naked) and strikes a conversation.
he Clapper board could work well because at some point the Director could clap the clapper board, then go 'Ow!' as though he'd caught his penis in the clapper board. There's nothing an audience loves better than that sort of thing...
The next man to come out could be a PIZZA GUY, who is carrying a... surprise! Pizza box. this could make for a good visual joke, because a girl could walk past and the Pizza box he's carrying could flop open downwards... I wonder what that could represent. Likewise with the CAMERAMAN, the camera lens could zoom in, but that may not work on stage.
The humor should come from more and more people walking out on stage from the wife's bedroom, each occupation they have gettin more and more suggestive as to what the wife has actually been doing in there. I like Liam's idea of GOD with the big white beard coming out at some point... could it fit in?
Then, after they have all left the opposite way, the wife could go back to her bedroom. Only then does a man come up from behing the screen. He stretches and yamns (we're having the screen made high enough so that he can do this without embarrassing himself) and then picks up something or other (perhaps the newspaper, perhaps a love heart or chocolate box, or a picture of something) and sidles over to the Husband, who is sitting in the chair again. The husband sits up, bolt upright and says;
HUSBAND: Shh! I think my wife is getting suspicious!
Hard lights down.