Lights up.

There is a table with a chair, the chair is covered in some sort of plastic.  Two people enter from opposite sides of the stage at the same time, they both try and sit down.
A: I saw it first!
B: I thought about it before you!
A: I dreamt about this chair last night!
B: Ew.  Well I did the Dance of Eternal Seat Possession.
A: I did it one one leg.
B: I said the Lord's Prayer while doing it.
A: You know that only works on Sundays!
B: I bags'd it!
A: No, I bags'd it!
Removals or Delivery guy, doesn't matter which, enters, he talks with a low brow New Yorker accent.
D: What you talkin' 'bout?  I bags'd it this moinin'.
Picks up chair and walks off.
Lights Down.