Physics police - Station

The general idea for this one was to do something down at the physics police station. Put in lots of jokes about the various characters they've arrested. At the moment it's just random snippets of thought.

*P1 is doing paperwork in the station. A medley of characters from various places are sitting in the background in handcuffs. Possibly superman, maybe harry potter and a fantasy game character of some sort.*

*P2 and Henry (another policeman) come in dragging Mario*

P2: New arrest sir, I think he might be on drugs. We found several varieties of mushroom in his possession.

P1: *glances up* Reason for detainment?

P2: We initially got him on charges of disobeying gravity and physiology. He was jumping several times his own height without any technological aid. Then, when we pulled him over he tried to jump on our heads and then threw a turtle at the squad car.

P1: A turtle?

P2: *nods* Yes sir. When we handcuffed him he asked us if we were minions of a *checks notepad* Mr... Bowser. Who is apparently a giant, evil turtle with spikes and eyebrows.

P1: I see...

P2: When we questioned him further he claimed that he and his brother *check notepad again* "Luigi" are plumbers who can "travel between worlds in the piping* in order to rescue her royal highness Princess... Orange I think it was...

Henry: Peach.

P2: Oh, yes, thank you lieutenant.  Peach, who lives with... *checks again* talking mushrooms and makes a habit of being kidnapped by large animals.

P1: *nods skeptically* Are these the same mushroom's that he's been eating?

P2: No sir. Although for some reason he's drawn faces on the ones we found. He keeps muttering about how the mushrooms, the one's that talk sir, always tell him the princess is in another castle.

P4: *has wandered into the background and interrupts* Captain? I need to borrow Henry. We have an electro-magnetic issue that needs to be dealt with. A Mr Magneto has managed to attach himself to a fridge and can't get free.

P1: Oh, of course. Dismissed lieutenant.

Henry: *salutes* Sir!

*Henry and P4 leave muttering about physics "perhaps if we reverse the polarity of the neutron flow..." *

*P1 turns back to P2*

P1: Any way we can contact this "luigi" fellow to let him know we've taken his brother into custody?

P2: I don't believe so sir. Honestly, I think they might both be homeless. Mr Mario here says he makes a living by collecting the coins he finds in boxes.

P1: Well, process him and pop him in one of the cells. We'll see how he is once he's come down off the drugs.

MORE NEEDED/PUNCHLINE. I'd kinda like to add in some more about the various arrests they've made etc. Maybe something like:

P3: Sir! One of the prisoners is on fire! A Mr Sonic the Hedgehog.

P1: What!? How did that happen?!

P3: I don't know! One minute he's sitting there just fine, the next he's spinning at a ridiculous rate and FOOM! Up in flames!

P1: Dammit! Why do they keep messing with friction!? Sergent, take over!