Science, A Story of Adaptation

Lights up.  The BOSS is sitting at a desk, possibly looking over some papers.  JAMIE and CHASE enter.

Jamie: Look Boss, we just don't think these plans are a good idea...

Chase: Studies show that it could lead to the catastrophic formation of singularities due to the accretion of particulates-

Jamie: (Interrupting) - Or at the very least make everything slimy and slightly sticky.

Boss: Times are tough, funding is short, we have to take whatever work we can get.

Jamie: Yeah, but this is the (strong emphasis) Large Hadron Collider. We're talking about a highly sophisticated piece of engineering. You can't just turn it into a sewerage system!

Chase: Studies show that it could find the Higgs boson once and for all. I haven't seen a single paper about mode of operation.

Jamie: It wasn't designed to carry poo at 99% of the speed of light, it can't take that kind of strain!

Boss: Relax, I wouldn't have allowed it to go ahead if it were a danger. Besides I've run simulations, we won't have any problems...

Technician: (runs in, breathless) Everyone get out now! The shit has just hit the fan!

Lights down.