MARIA, a scientist, is walking along looking like an expert. LARRY, a nerdy fan, runs on.
LARRY: Oh, my god! Maria Jordan! Wow! I read your thesis.
MARIA: Oh, really? Thankyou!
LARRY: Yeah, my lecturer says your work has revolutionised the way we look at the world, shifted paradigms, forever changed Humanity and its quest for knowledge.
MARIA: Really?
LARRY: Yeah! Everyone I've talked to says you're a modern mother of physics.
MARIA: Well, you've got to be humble. I mean, it's flattering, sure. But I think it's a bit early to be calling me a genius.
LARRY: Uh, actually, I don't think anyone did call you a genius.
MARIA: Huh, really?
LARRY: um - paradigm shifter .. revolutionary.. nope  - I don't think anyone's ever called you a genius. 
MARIA: Bit weird, isn't it?
LARRY: Sorry?
MARIA: Just seems like there should be something..
LARRY: Well, maybe they're waiting - you know - let history decide.
MARIA: Why wait? I made history. It's been decided.
LARRY: Well, I don't think you can just decide like that.
MARIA: oh. Hang on, I'll call up my mate Craig - he's a research scientist - he'll know. (Pulls out a mobile, dials) Yo Craig! Alright, not too bad. Yourself? Good to hear, good to hear. Look Craig, just wondering - have you read that paper of mine? Yep, 'course you have. What did you think? It was good eh? Yep - Oh, very good? mm, I think so too. I'd even say it was a work of genius, wouldn't you? (Pause) Well, it is for me to say because I just said it-.. Oh it's great now is it? It seems to be working its way up to genius. No, screw history. You decide. Nup - yeah - whatever man. I don't even care anymore. Screw you. (hangs up)
LARRY: What did he say?
MARIA: …Said it was a work of genius - definitely. Not a doubt in his mind.
LARRY: Really? Can you call him back so I can talk to him?
MARIA: Well it is confirmed - I just told you it. Confirmed.
LARRY: Sorry, can you just call him back?
MARIA: Can't. (Breaks the phone) My phone's just run out of battery. Besides, he's busy.. Working on an important bit of research.
LARRY: Wait, craig? You mean your noted friend Professor Craig Jefferson, inventor of the barbecue chip?
LARRY: Wow. I'd love to meet him. He's such a genius!