Segue Sketch

Voice Over: This week on "Where are they now?"  We catch up with Anna Coren, previous host of Today Tonight, who has since taken up some more varied employment.

Lights up.
ANNA COREN is standing in the middle of the stage, with some fruit in her hand.  There are occasional passersby, they all ignore her.

ANNA COREN: Melons, we have a broad range of melons, watermelons, rock melons, (pointing at random woman) you have nice melons, they're like rocks, a nice rack, and on this rack over here we have apples, that job was the apple of my eye, a real eye opener, speaking of eyes, we have potatoes, they're always watching you, they're great spuds bud, speaking of buds we have these great budding lettuces, lettuceses, lettuce, letti... Great hydroponic greenery, not as good as some other hydroponics... but how about making some tonic from these wonderful anti oxidant rich acai berries?  In other news, berries, we have all kinds of berries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, but you won't be blowing raspberries at these prices!  Speaking of prices, how about inflation, it's a bitch, speaking of bitches how about Matt White?  But white peaches, now those are sweet and juicy, speaking of juicy gossip I've just been told I've been fired, again. 

Slow lights down.