Student 1:         (Walks into a room where another Student is on their computer.) What cha doing?

Student 2:         Just playing Spore. It’s this new game like Sims, but you start from an Amoeba.

S1:                   Cool, so do you get to make the Sim humans that way?

S2:                   Well, not really, there are many different pathways of evolution that you can take.

S1:                   So you could turn in to a donkey?

S2:                   er…

S1:                   Or a bird!?

S2:                   Well… It’s kind of more along the lines of monster clones that get limbs from other species…

S1:                   So they would walk up to a donkey and take its leg?

S2:                   Kind of… It’s really well researched. It’s just like viral DNA transfer, but with limbs and physical features you know. You can get that kind of stuff from the DNA anyway right?

S1:                   Right…

S2:                   And I can create their surroundings to whatever I please

S1:                   It doesn’t affect their evolution?

S2:                   Not a bit. I mean, do you think our evolution is affected by where we are in the world? No, you could go to London and be exactly the same, evolutionarily speaking, that you would be in America. Well except for the accent… I suppose that’s one thing they should really fix…

S1:                   So what happens if you get yourself extinct.

S2:                   You can’t.

S1:                   Oh.

S2:                   You should try the game mate, it’s really helping my Biology skills. It’s like living through evolution. It’s almost like someone transported me back to World War II so that I could just live through it all rather than reading all those heavy books.

S1:                   It sounds a tad incorrect to me…

S2:                   Not even a bit, I can guarantee.

S1:                   But that whole environment thing, appropriation of limbs and difference of species ancestry…

S2:                   All true. Man, this is how I got my HD in Bio this semester. The lecturer is hooked on the game. Says that it is obviously the way evolution progressed. The evidence is all here! (Points to the computer) How couldn’t it be true if I can watch it happen?

S1:                   But that is a computer!

S2:                   I know. It evolved from my donkey.