Take a Break

Boy:     There’s something I think we need to talk about.

Girl:      Yes?

Boy:     Uhm, I think we should break up.

Girl:      (shocked) but why?

Boy:    Well, I've been thinking about it for a while…

Girl:     So had Newton when he came up with his theory of gravity - het thought we all fell in to our natural place. Now we know all that thinking led us nowhere!

Boy:     Yes, but that is an entirely unrelated model…

Girl:     Models! Oh the terrible decisions made using models! There was the plum pudding model of the atom that was superseded by the Rutherford model that was replaced by the Bohr model and now we have the Electron Cloud! How does anyone know how anything works with these useless models!? How do you know that we don’t work? I thought we had a great system, I eat, you pay, I drink, you pay. How am I meant to eat and drink if you don’t pay? Try modeling that one Mr.

Boy:     This is real life! I don't have to invent ideas to fit my situation. And my situation currently leads to the idea that we should break up.

Girl:      Ahhh… well that’s exactly the misapprehension people were under when they thought the world was flat. They confined their decisions to a flat world. The same mentality that got them thinking the world must be hollow once they figured out it was round! All these people making decisions under misapprehensions… you should at least decide this after the prom.


Boy:     Yes, but we have moved on in science and we have also moved on. Please don’t make this any more awkward than it needs to be.

Girl:      Who said anyone could make a decision at all, how can anyone know the consequences of their actions? How could you possibly believe that you want to break up with me in the light of the Chaos Theory!?  If a butterfly flapping its wings could ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world what chance do we have in making such a big decision as breaking up, let alone moving our arms!?

Boy:     This is ridiculous

Girl:      Apparently so was the continental drift, plate tectonics saw that one straight.

Boy:     Just leave me alone! I damn well will move my arm and if our break up means that someone in mexico catches swine flu, let it be! To mine own self I must be true.

Girl:      urgh, shakespeare. I didn’t know you studied Arts. Off you go then.