The Alternative

Lights Up

There are three people standing in the middle of the stage.  The PRESIDENT is standing in the middle, and her (yes, that's right
her it's a woman for once, dammit) two HENCHMEN are standing slightly behind her to the left and right. A slightly haphazard sign hangs somewhere, the words Socialist Alternative clearly visible.  Lights should be red, possibly a tad dark.  A flock of timid looking first years enter.

PRESIDENT: (Catching sight of the first years) Come in!  Come in!  Sit down!  (They sit cross legged on the floor)  I'd like to welcome you all here to this introductory meeting, just a bit of an information night, to explain what the society is about, don't worry, we aren't going to be asking for you to sign in blood... yet! (She laughs as though she just told a joke, the first years glance at each other nervously)

We're a society devoted to realising all that's good in the world, realising that it may not be perfect, but from our middle class Anglo-Saxon background, we have it pretty good. We live long lives, relatively free from disease, the vast majority of us have enough food, we find that the system works quite well. We're more than ready for the Kevin '11 campaign (Possibly waves around t-shirt). In the grand scheme of things we're not really oppressed, we don't have to work down a mine shaft 18 hours a day for a pittance, we're free to make our own choices in life, all of these reasons are reasons that we should be happy. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good, certainly not worth getting all worked up over.  We believe lunchtime is for getting sloshed at Manning, not for griping to strangers!

One of the HENCHMEN glances around and notices the sign

HENCHMAN: Um... (Points at sign)

PRESIDENT: (Noticing) Oh.  Steve! (Snaps fingers)

Other HENCHMAN fixes up sign, lights change to bright as he does this, it now reads: “Socialist Alternative Alternative”

Short pause.

Lights down.