The Burger

Albert: Wow, this burger is brilliant! How did you make it?

Bert: It's an old family recipie. I really couldn't tell you - I'd have to kill you & all that.

Albert: Hey... didn't you used to have a roommate?

Bert: Oh, um... yeah... she got old and... died.

Albert: I thought she was our age.

Bert: Yeah... well... she was a... um... a clone!... you know they age prematurely and all that...

Albert: Oh, okay... thats cool I suppose...

Bert: So you really like the burger, hey?

Albert: Yeah, its so tender and it tastes so fresh!

Bert: Yeah, we only use very specific meat.

Albert: Wait a minute... I think I've figured it out! The meat, you sick bastard, you've actually gone and fed me human meat! That's disgusting!

Bert: What? No! That's outrageous. Well, actually, yes, just a little. You wouldn't notice, I swear.

Albert: Why would you do that?

Bert: Well, you've lost all this weight recently, and you're getting a little thin... and I really wanted another hamburger (starts sharpening knife)

Lights slowly fade down...