The Rabbit Problem

Single rabbit hops on to stage
and is cute for a bit
R1:my mum gives me milo to go and go and go (go and go and go each said inconjunction with a thrust)
2 more rabbits hop onto stage
R2 & 3: and my mum gives me milo to go(thrust) and go(thrust) and go(thrust)
Duracell bunny hops runs on stage
Duracell Bunny: in big blokey voice AND MY MUM GAVE ME MILO TO GO AND GO AND GO
Unison: to multiply and increase in size, our numbers will exponentialy rise, and as our populations expand, we'll finaly concquer this great land.
during this another rabbit hops out, looking worse for wear
R4: And i got mixomatosis to go and *THUD* R4 falls on the floor dead
remaining rabbits look on in horror
slow lights down