A girl is standing center stage, maybe holding a drink, looking bored.  A slightly srunk guy holding a beer saunters up to her.
Guy: Whoa! Somebody call the police, because I think you just stole my heart!!
(The girl looks at his disdainfully, the guy deflates, turns around to leave but gets an idea and comes back as quickly as possible).
Guy: Hi!
Girl: ...hi... again.
Guy: So what's your name?
Girl: Jessica.
Guy: Jessica, that's nice. I'm Edward!... (awkward silence) What do you do?
Girl: I'm a Uni student, I study literature.
Guy: Cool. I'm a vampire.
Girl:... what? You're a what?
Guy: A vampire.
Girl: A vampire? Like Dracula?
Guy: No, from Twilight. I'm a good vampire. And I'm damn sexy.
Girl: And your name is Edward?
Guy; Edward Cullen, that's right.
Girl: Wow... (gets a grip) hang on, I saw him in the movie, he looked nothing like you.
Guy: No, that was me! They just put a lot of makeup on me.
... and that's all I've got.