This is where songs, of the pastiche (parody) and original variety, go.

walking on sunshine
mambo number five
hey ya - outcast
Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac (more happy than "ta-da")

Ideas for songs to parody:

I would walk 1000 miles - I would run 1000 trials

The Fratelli's - chelsea dagger

Play that funky music white boy - Wild Cherry

MJ/J5 medley - the way you make me feel, ABC, blame it on the boogie

Kylie Minogue - spinning around

Paul kelly - Dumb things

I will survive - gloria gaynor

The veronicas

S club 7 - Bring it all back (very upbeat. Opening? Sits back though)
Opening or closing songs:
Birdland (not lullaby of Birdland, this one's much faster- nice jazzy number)
Hello Twelve (from A Chorus Line)

achy breaky heart -> itsy bitsy quark haha

This heart attack => this quark attack
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