Happy Ending (Rudd's Spending)




Altos Chorus (4):

This is the way Bush left us, 

With doom impending. 

Financial crisis looming, 

But Rudd is spending 

Split Girls here:

He’s building roads and school halls, 

This great endeavour. 

He’s finally fixing health care, 

Lets hope its better. 









Altos start doing oohhhs underneath SOFT










Altos Chorus (4):

This is the way we’ll survive

resolve unbending 

financial plans with tax breaks 

excessive spending 

Split Girls here:

Australian stimulation 

unite together 

global financial crisis 

won’t last forever 




(empty 4 bars with music)


Sopranos and Altos:

Spend a bit for Rudd

Show a little love

Buy a turtledove

Or a matching glove

Buy some more for Rudd

Spend some money bud

Even buy a dud

Anything for Rudd



Maybe buy a car

Or a new guitar

Travel really far

Go to manning bar

Present for your ma

Pickles in a jar

Buy a jaguar

We don’t mean the car


Have a little dough

Don’t spend it too slow

Keep the money flow

Give us a fair go

Maybe see a show

Hire out a ho

So fa mi ray do

Lose a little dough



Sops: “little bit of love”


Our roadmap for recovery

income depending

nine hundred dollar payments

to get you spending

no matter what your paycheck,

Spend five or twenty.

And never buy new undies,

Four pairs are plenty.


If you don't want this crisis

To be unending

Buy yourself something useless

Just so you're spending

A matching pen and pencil

With gold encasing

Babushka dolls aplenty

and cars for racing


Altos/soloist chorus:

And if you end up dead broke

Homeless and begging

Remember those that you saved

With all your spending...


Total time = 3:03 YAY!!!















The market is in mourning, but we will be all right

can't get recov'ry, without sacrifice


We can’t pretend the market can remain strong, I can see that we need

To believe that the liberals are wrong



And this financial crisis though it may try our faith


with every small investment,

stimulus will be our saving grace


you *may* feel as though your spent now


but *try* spending every day.




T3: You *may* feel as though your spent now



T3/T4: but *try* spending every day








T3/T4: Spend a bit for rudd


T?: Spend a bit a bit for Rudd







T?: Spend a bit for Rudd, (3:17-3:20)

Anything for Rudd



T?: You *may* feel as though your spent now








T?: but *try* spending every day







Hey hey hey!


Chloe Paul,
Aug 14, 2009, 4:46 AM