Its a force (or 'Its the force') (or 'Its a source')

Parody idea for "You're the voice". - It's a force, try to understand it.

Needs context. Possibly physics forces, possibly the force (star wars).

Alt idea - 'Its a source' - an (alternate) energy source, that is

eg. instead of 
"we're all someone's daughter, we're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other through the barrel of a gun
Your the voice try to understand it 
Make it loud and make it clear"

"Can you see it out there, that big fuck-off sun
How long can we power our light globes, burning coal ton after ton
Its a source can't you understand it?
Burning bright insert half-line here!"

And yes, its a work in progress.

Ideas definitely welcome

24/04/09 edit: Possible Choral Number