Potential Theme Outline

This was the outline gained from writers. Currently very rough.

Scene one:

~First Quark is created
~We learn that containment of quark is good
~Denise/Denis gives some expostion
~"you're so fat and stupid"

Scene two:

~Civillians on tour through facility
~Original quark manages to turn a scientist into a quark (dealiboppers)
~Power goes out (caused by blond stupid guy)
~lights up again, both quarks are gone
~ZOMG! Who did they touch?
~General panic

Scene three:

~Starts with intrepid band of survivors
~Denis explains what is happening including dealliboppers
~end with quark dance and survivors escape


Scene four:

~Denis explains how to stop quark (with anti-quark)
~tell dinosaur story
~Quark opens door

Scene five:

~stop quark
~"shut up denis, when are you ever right?"
~new universe of quarks song
~"step 1 get a dragon, step 2....... *awkward trutle*

yeah... some of that needs explaination.