Potential Theme Sketch - 01 - Creation

By James Colley, Jarred Baker and Alexander Campbell
Hey guys,
We took a rough shot at a possible theme sketch - We tried to remain faithful to the ideas already presented and incorporated a few - and yeah, what we ended up with seems very malleable - but we're hoping it'll work as a rough outline. Alright- here goes nothing (There are 4 parts written)

Theme Sketch - 01 - Creation

Band plays low cheerful bass notes - DAVE walks his son BILLY to the door of the laboratory. Acting is over-the-top

Dave: Hi Billy!
Billy: Hey Dad!
Dave: Billy, do you like science?
Billy: I LOVE science!
Dave: I love science too! (They high-five)
Billy: I love you, dad.
Dave: I know. Now Billy, it's time to enter THE LABORATORY!

Dave opens the door and walks through. An instrumental Sesame Street theme plays as ANNE, AARON and JONATHAN dance around a lab calibrating instruments and performing various tasks.

Billy: Wow! I never thought science could be so cool!
Aaron: Oh, it's the best.
Billy: So what do you do here, Dad?
Dave: Well, I think Anne can answer that best, Anne?

Billy starts walking around with Anne.

Anne: Well, you see Billy - We're trying to create something that no one has ever seen before. An entirely new kind of Quark

Anne walks away to perform more tasks.

Billy: Dad, what's a quark?

Dave joins Billy again.

Dave: I'll tell you what a quark is Billy (triumphant music begins - Dave singing) Nobody cares! (Music ends)
Billy: So it's like pushing out the frontiers of knowledge, expanding our understanding?
Dave: Jonathan?

Jonathan walks with Billy and Dave.

Jonathan: Well kid, we'd like a Nobel prize ideally but (chuckles to himself) honestly, the cash is more than enough
Billy: What's your hypothesis though?
Anne: Oh, we write that after.
Billy: What?

Jonathan: We don't want to be wrong, do we!? That would be embarrassing! (All but Billy laugh for a while then gradually die down) Nah, seriously, we don't.

Anne finishes tinkering with a machine.

Anne: There, it's all ready to go!
Dave: Well, let's see how it works!
Billy: What is it?
Anne: This is the Pneumatic Linear Origins Transformer
Jonathan: The P.L.O.T Device!
Billy: What does it do?
Dave: Anybody?
Jonathan: You know what... I don't know
Aaron: Probably something bad
Billy: Is this going to make the quark?
Anne: Well you see, sometimes in Science you don't just go right ahead and just MAKE the quark. Everything must be approached from a way that is not only a significant way but a scientific endeavour. Experimentation is the key to a fundamental attribution.
Billy: What?
Anne: Well, to quote Heisenberg, maybe, I guess. Let's try it out!
Aaron: Whoa, I don't know if that's safe guys.
Jonathan: There's only one way find out.
Aaron: But I didn't take out the...

Jonathan pushes button on the machine.
Machine smokes and whirs.
Large explosion sound