Opening Movie Trailer

So we've had this idea over the last few years that you could open the revue with movie trailers for some of the rejected revue names. I was thinking about this, and thought it'd be cool to put in the info about quarks, mobile phones etc. that we want to get across to the audience in the opening trailer(s). Here's a trailer for F(x) Men (though it can be easily adapted, and possibly some of the ideas might be better split into 2 trailers).

Start with the ”This movie rated ...” thing (parody this...).

Voiceover: You’ve seen them defeat Magneto. You’ve seen them defeat that evil government guy with the help of Magneto, and also Magneto. You hopefully didn’t see the third movie. This season, the X-Men return transformed in a movie that is
(with each of these is an image/short scene that shows it...)
bigger, faster, stronger, older, slightly more obese, smarter,

Scientist: So a quark is a fundamental particle that makes up protons and neutrons, which are in turn the building block of atoms.
Other Guy: So it’s a teeny weeny itty bitty thingimijig?
Scientist: That is the technical term, yes.

Voiceover: ... more explosive, scarier, and more populated with dinosaurs than ever before. If you only see one movie this year, remember that you need to bring a bag to smuggle in your own food. And make that movie F(x) Men.

You’ll never want to leave your mobile phone on in the cinema again.
(Shot of a lone person in a cinema. Their phone goes off, and they explode, or similar...)