Timmy and Dr. Jameson

Shots of timmy in class, being tired, and failing to run around and have fun.

Dr. Jameson: Do you ever feel like young Timmy here? Tired and worn out from all your lectures and midnight booze-ups? I'm looking at you engineers!

Timmy: Golly, I'm ever so tired.

Dr. Jameson: Quite right Timmy. Did you know that inside your body are trillions and trillions of quarks?

Timmy: What's a quark, Dr. Jameson?

Dr. Jameson: You remember atoms from chemistry Timmy? Well every atom is made up of protons and neutrons, and every proton and neutron is made up of quarks.

Timmy: Wow! So everything in the universe has quarks?

Dr. Jameson: Exactly! But every day, you can lose billions of quarks, sapping energy from your body. Every time you breathe out, every time you move, every time you stay still, you're losing quarks.

Timmy: Oh no! Whatever can I do?

Dr. Jameson: You can drink Quark-ade - a drink crammed full of billions of quarks! Simply drink 53 cans every day to ensure that you never have a quark deficiency ever again!
In text below: 54 cans of quark-ade may lead to unexpected side-effects such as sickness, death, or agonising death.
And it's delicious!

Timmy: (drinks some, happily) It tastes like shoe polish!

Dr. Jameson: Quark-ade. Rejuvinate your quarkness!