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As at 2010-02-02:

The Science Revue is an Unincorporated Association.

Being unincorporated means we fit more neatly into the union's C&S program. It allows for simpler accounting, and record keeping (eg. for meetings). However it results in members, particularly the executive, being personally liable in some instances for the society's actions. eg. paying debts etc.

Other Societies
All other societies at the University are unincorporated, with the exception of the Food Co-op. Members of SUDS have also formed an incorporated association that is very closely connected with SUDS.

I (Ben Sand) was informed by the head auditor of C&S (Fiona) that in 2009 a society president was required to pay the venue hire fees for an event that didn't cover its costs, as the society in question was out of funds.

Food Co-op
In a meeting with Fiona & Alvin (union auditors) and Angela (C&S program) I (Ben Sand) was informed the Food Co-op, was incorporated as a "co-operative". They are apparently still covered by union public liability insurance.


Angela is going to talk with the head of student programs (Alistair) about what incorporation for the revue would involve.