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Text Message Campaign

Everybody has seen those advertisements on TV, "Text blah to $Some_Number$ so that X doesn't get eliminated!".
The good news is that this is fairly cheap to implement and a very nice way to make money.

Picture this:

Theres some sort of Act at O week, singstar competition, treasure hunt, just any sort of normal competition. Perhaps something like "Text blah for a chance to win X", "Text Blah to dunk Y", etc. People text freely because there is a nice disconnect between the reward, which they are most certainly thinking about and the cost, which is more absent from their minds as they are not physically handing over any sort of money.  We then get a dollar or so profit from every text message coming in, multiply by the thousands of people who would be texting and you now have a nice source of income for the revue.

Implementation (Technical)
We rent a 19 xxx number for the month, set up http://www.smsglobal.com/en-au/sms/two_way_sms.php using the 19 number as our dedicated number, and then set up a server somewhere to deal with the responces.

In short: People sms our number -> Phone company sends it to smsglobal -> Smsglobal sends it to our server -> We pull the results from the server when it comes time for the draw/etc.


Separately it might be useful to collect the numbers of people who are interested in the revue at o week. Ie. if you are interested in perhaps seeing the revue itself, or other related activities. It would be trivial to then go through and send them an sms say a week before any major event.

To give an example: Somebody says that they are interested in seeing the revue, we take their number down. At say 8:30am the day before tickets go on sale, we could text them with a nice friendly "Hey, just letting you know that the science revue is on, come to X for cheap tickets".

Given that it costs $0.10/message at the most expensive and given that fliers, which are a lot less targeted, have about a 1% conversion rate, as long as tickets cost more then $10, we make a profit overall.