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Okay, so this is a HUGE exercise in LMGTFY ("let me google that for you"). People with time on their hands (unlike me) feel free to hone your cyber-stalking details and find stuff out. The idea is to develop a fact-file with enough information for a novice telemarketer to at least get their foot in the door. There is substantial value in this document (in its well developed form), so let's not let Law Revue get their hands on it.
Additional companies may be identified through different sources including the media, ASX 200, American Chamber of Commerce (Australian chapter), the Science Communications forum, etc.

Completeness estimate: 60% for companies of probable interest. Help me fill it in! I was going to highlight unfilled fields, but then I realised it would look like a Christmas tree.

Basic template is:
Industry sector, company name, connection to science revue, contact name, position, number, email address, additional information, and company background information.

Accounting (public)
Pricewaterhouse-Coopers (PWC)
Connection: Previous sponsor and priority graduate recruiter
Contact name: ??? (I think we're up to the CEO by now?) (Derrick can fill in)
Contact position
Email Address:
Additional information: PWC receives priority sponsorship access in recognition of their generous past and ongoing sponsorship support. Thus KPMG etc can recieve sponsorship opportunities through other student societies.
Company background: One of the 'big four' accounting and consultancy firms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PricewaterhouseCoopers. They also sponsor the Dutch Football Team, and 'The Player's Championship' golf tournament.

Document proper:

DoD (Department of Defence)
Connection: Primary recruiter of physics graduates.
Contact name:
Contact position: Advisor - Defence Industry Liaison
Number: 1800621783
Additional information:
Background: The DoD is the top-level federal defence organisation. They have no shortage of money.

ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy)
Connection: Recruiter, actively engages the student demographic, and occasional sponsor of other revues.
Contact Name:
Position: Academy public affairs officer
Number: 02 6268 8623
Additional information: ADFA sponsored UWS Med-Revue in 2009.
Background: ADFA is a defense recruitment organisation that swaps the cost of university education for compulsory service in the military, and is a favourite of students who seek a career in the military.

DSTO (Defense Science and Technology Organisation)
Connection: Weapons development remains the single greatest employer of physicists. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRLON3ddZIw
Contact Name:
Position: Strategic Planning and Coordination Division
Number: +61 2 6265 7925
Additional information: I don't know if these guys even know their website is public.
Background: DSTO is responsible for Australian weapons technology development. As such they played a role in the original venture capital given to the Metal Storm concept, as well as the demonstration about 10 years ago by UWA of an automatically landing robotic glider. Understandably, much of their killing oriented research is less well known. A 2006 revuer (Alex)'s sister had some connection.

DIIISR (Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research)
Connection: National science funding and resource allocation body.
Contact name: Liz Beargsoey
Number 13 28 46 (no?)
Additional Information: Having a contact here would be really useful. They have donated more than a million bucks to the Harry Messel Science Foundation for Physics, which funds scholarships and the International Science School.
Background: This might be the ministerial department that harrasses the CSIRO. Possibly. They're also large dispensers of grants etc etc.

NMI (National Measurement Institute)
Connection: Sciency stuff.
Contact name: Anne Louise Pitchowsky
Position: HR
Number: 8467 3600: Midori
Additional information: I don't imagine they have much money, but they might manage a brochure or be able to hook up something for another sponsor.
Background: These guys are responsible for regulating and maintaining Australian weights and measures. Don't know much more than that.

Connection: Too much money.
Contact name: Arts/Community sponsorship
Email: sponsorship.unit@telstra.com
Additional information:
Background: Telstra is in bad need of some positive PR. Giving money to people is probably simple enough for them not to mess up.

The Harry Messel Science Foundation for Physics
Connection: A large trust fund for the funding of science. Probably could provide in-kind support, especially during odd-numbered years.
Contact name: Ms Alison Muir
Position: Alumni, secretary
Number: +61 2 9036 5194
Additional information:

Contact name: Adam Selinger.
Email: adam@physics.usyd.edu.au

The Science Faculty
Connection: We keep their special provisions department in business.
Contact name: The dean? Adam Selinger
Email: adam@physics.usyd.edu.au
Additional information:

Research and Development:
Connection: Sciency stuff + a video.
Contact Name:
Additional information: The CSIRO continues to be plagued by allegations of ministerial interference which is perhaps limiting its ability to maintain its once top-notch reputation for research.
Background: Australian 'independent' scientific research organisation.

Finisar (finisar.com)
Connection: Graduate recruiter and photonics technology company.
Contact name: Nat Mortorano
Position: HR
Number: 95811600
NOTE: Sometimes works at home, did so when called at 8/12/09
Additional information: Might be working from home the next time we call.
Background:The Sydney division of Finisar (which is an international company) is doing very well in their production of 'waveshaper', a rather clever optics device, the technology for which was developed at the School of Physics.

Connection: Scientific (health sciences) company.
Contact name: Ann Mary Lesley
Position: (Sydney office)
Number: 1800 620 929
9428 6555
Additional information:
Background: Cochlear is a research and services company than produces bionic ears to enable deaf people to hear. Since it was publicly listed in 2004 (I think) it's done quite well.

IT/Web 3.0
Connection: Grad recruiter
Contact name: Google Sydney
Number: 9374 4000 (Phone rings out. Locating an email may be only opp.)
Note: Phone keeps on ringing, maybe find an email.
Additional information: http://www.google.com/support/contact/bin/request.py?bdpg=1&hl=en

Connection: Online bookstore, lots of money, sell the Kindle.
Contact name:
Additional information: Might be a bit of a long shot. Still, we might be able to cut an in-kind deal. Think content delivery.
Background: The online bookstore, Amazon was one of the few dot coms to survive the 90s, mainly because they had a product and because pay-pal was invented.

Connection: May as well hedge our bets against google, in case Microsoft does actually take over the world.
Contact name: Sydney office; Kirsty Cole
Position: HR
Number: 13 20 58
Additional information:

Connection: Recently opened a store in Sydney. We did our fake Mac vs PC adds a few years ago.
Contact name: Australian switch
Number: 133 622
Additional information: There is a good chance that we could cut some deal for Science Revue members as all products companies like Apple have to move old stock sooner or later. Apple in particular has difficulty moving older versions of ipods or laptops, and may let them go for cost price as ware-housing is not excessively cheap. Certain products (eg Itunes music store vouchers) could be flogged to audiences or something as well.
Background: Apple has about 7% of the world IT market share, which corresponds to 100% of the style-wanker market. I would have one if I could afford it. ;P

Connection: Very large multinational technology company, recruiter
Contact name: North Sydney office
Number: 9466 9400
Additional information: Gordon office: 9844 5000
Background: Sun is one of the largest venture capital providing firms around. One recent invention was the 'server in a container' to provide data centers in extremely compact, mobile, exothermic form.

Connection: Communications R&D company, grad recruiter
Contact name: Australian head office; Linda Horiuchi, Peter Witts
Number: 8446 6000
02 84466343
02 84465272
Email: lhoriuch@cisco.com
Additional information:
Background: Cisco is one of the biggest providers of routers and other communication technology - the internet is largely built by cisco machinery.

DSM Energy

Mining (This sector has LOTS of companies and $$$)
Connection: Recruiter, sustainability, global warming, and PR.
Contact name: Phil Jones
Position: Coal-sustainable development
Number: 92536700
Email: phjones@xtrata.com
Additional information:
Background: As the operator of some of Australia's biggest open-cut coal mines, Xstrata is continually in the public eye over sustainability, environmental hazard control, the coal lobby, etc etc. Mining companies tend, therefore, to maintain a large profile of sponsorship recipients.

BHP Billiton
Connection: Recruiter, global warming, PR
Contact name: Tony Eltringham
Position: (Media office?)
Number: 1300 55 47 57
Email: tony.a.eltringham@bhpbilliton.com
Additional information:
Background: The other big mining company in Australia, BHP also processes a lot of steel (now under the name 'bluescope', I think).

Rio Tinto
Connection: Recruiter, global warming, PR
Contact name: Mr Chris Cross
Position: (Brisbane office)
Number: 07 3361 4200
Email: chris.cross@riotinto.com
Position: (Graduate recruitment office)
Number: 03 9283 3333
Additional information:
Background: Another big mining company actively involved in sponsorship, Rio Tinto was for many years the sponsor of the Australian Science Olympiad program.

PTTEP Australia
Connection: PR hungry firm
Contact name:
Position: (Media? PR?)
Number: 08 9483 9483


Roley Myers 0423 552 965

Lauren Tindale 0431 365 550

Mike Groves 0411 828 073

Gemma Bogue 0414 522 497

External relations Department manager
M.L. Sidhichai Jayant
02 537 4592

This other guy
Tongchit Pongorapin
02 537 4587

Additional information:
Background: The Australian (land based) division of a Singapore based parent company which is a (comparitively) small SE Asia based off-shore platform oil drilling company. Their rig leaked, exploded, and caught fire in the Timor Sea over the last few months. They've already lost $190 million fixing it, and that's before the assessors get involved. If they decide not to pull out of the Timor Shelf all together, then they're going to need some good PR ahead of the release of the findings, which will show that they basically rushed the job in an attempt to save money, then attempted to cover it up when it went pop, breaking every regulation on the face of the planet and poisoning an absurdly large stretch of coastline. But we can save their souls.

Mr Kees Van Gelder

PWC (As above)

Other firms (nominally we won't ask them because PWC has been so generous)
KPMG - Avilyn Tan (Corporate Communications Coordinator - Graduate recruitment) 8626 0943   0405 603 750
Ernst and Young - Gillian Lamrock (Communications - Human Resources) 8295 6400
Deloitte - Vessa Playfair (Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications) 9322 7576   0419 267 676

Consulting (Many other firms in this sector)
Connection: Graduate recruiter

Contact Name: Jeffrey Timmermans
Position: media/public relations contact

Contact Name: Cheryl Krauss
Email: cheryl.krauss@bain.com

Contact Name: Melissa Roberts (ignore?)
Position: industry recruitment coordinator
Email: melissa.robertson@bain.com

Contact Name: Dan Pinkney
Position: Media + Public Relations
Number: +1-646-562-8102
Email: dan.pinkney@bain.com

Number: (02) 9024 8600 (sydney office)

Additional information:
Background: Bane is a corporate consultancy company which agressively recruits science and law graduates. Many of the chaser team work for Bain now. They like scientists for their analytic minds and debators for their communications skills. Science revue basically hands them smart and street-smart people on a platter.

Connection: Graduate recruiter
Contact Name: David Als, Teneale Geddes
Position: Grad recruitment
Number: 8232 3333
Jeffrey Timmermans
Dan Pinkney
+1 646 562 8102

Additional information:
Background: Macquarie recently lost a lot of money in the GFC, though the brunt was born by its satellite spin-offs, into which it was able to offload most of the risk. They need PR, but also need lots of smart people.

Connection: Grad recruiter
Contact name:
Position: General inquiries
Number: 9683 9999
Additional information:
Background: ANZ is another major international investment bank with corporate headquarters in Australia, and signage on at least 4 buildings.

Merrill Lynch
Connection: Grad recruiter
Contact name: Sydney (Australia) head office
Number: 9225-6500
Additional information:
Background: Merrill Lynch was bailed out by the US federal reserve in 2008, merged with Bank of America, then has become startlingly successful since (nothing like a blank cheque from the Americans). Diverting some of the cash for corporate bonuses was seen as a good way to ensure good PR, in this case they're first off the post GCF bat to try and snap up the larger than usual cohort of science grads. The scarcest resource is qualified maths nerds and whoever controls the greatest number controls the market. Google kinda realised this a decade ago.

Merck Sharp and Dohme
Connection: Regular science endeavour sponsor and PR
Contact name: Ian McConnell
Position: Scientific Affairs, R&D and licensing and partnerships
Number: +1 908-423-3046
Additional information
Background: MS&D were and are sponsors of the Australian Science Olympiad program, basically as a way of giving back to the community some of the excessive profits they reap as a result of the few successful drugs that go to market and are licensed for exorbidant prices.

Toyota (hybrid -global warming) -Mail application in writing
Marketing Promotions & Event management
C:/- National Marketing Division
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
PO Box 187
Caringbah NSW 2229

Holden (Australian)
GM (has recovered post GFC meltdown and restructure quite strongly)

Other in-kind offers
The general idea is that student centered large corporate chains could provide material, rather than monetary, assistance.


Grocery stores could provide discounts or preferential movement of 'borderline' stock. All grocery stores have large overheads due to spoilage of unsold stock. In particular, packaged goods close to their use-by date can often be renegotiated on the spot. A formal agreement with Franklins or something could streamline this process and help out impoverished science revue students, all the while undermining the food collectives.

Travel agents - quite a few of us travel a lot. Thus we should all be entitled to valued customer cards and free flights to Pukhet or something.