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Notes from meeting (8th dec)

Want us because

- We have a lot of students
- Trendy students, want to be seen as the "choice" or the "upcoming trend"

Quasi saturation advertising for T shirts-> Lots of people wearing T shirts, small area = Lots of people seeing your logo
40K students at usyd

Establishing good will with the Decision makers within usyd. -> If someone else did it, then its ok for me. "Nobodies been fired for choosing IBM/Microsoft". Makes people more comfortable with the brand.

Establish yourself as the choice of students.

Lots of time at the reviue -> Lots of person hours viewing your advertisement

-We can fascilitate further interactions with the university

- Student spending trends

- After review meetings we go to restaurants, easy way to be the restaraunt/pub/club of choice!

- Affiliation with other clubs  and societies

- Exclucivity of sponcers makes your specific company more visible and hence percieved as superior

- Advertising on student related websites, unavaliable to your competitors

- The Don of science wouldnt like it if you failed to co-operate.

- We'll use your service in preference to your compeditors, makes your service seem superior makes people more at ease with your product as they have seen others use it.

Possibility of catering for future student events

- Students have great propensity to consume: They spend $Large_Sum$ on beer alone! The problem that many retailers face is how to market themselves so that they can take their slice out of this consumption. The student body consists of 40,000 students, a vast marketing share. People have a general disdain for advertisement in any form. Students most of all, especially for conventional advertising. By advertising through us, you get your name out as a part of the student cultural body and as such get a leg up over your competitors. By having your product used by the revue members, it becomes known and familiar to your potential customers. When it becomes time to

Access to the greater student body (40k students)Through association with the student
Association with the cultural organisations of the university builds rappor with the student community/gets your name out amoungst them - makes them more likely to consume your products in favor of compediators

By having your logo displayed on our advertising material, your brand can becomes well known as there are $Large_number$ of science review students who will be proudly sporting T shirts which will have your logo. Similarly with the mass marketing campaigns before the revue itself and promotional material during and after the revue itself. Overall, the effects would be comparable to a saturation advertising campaign at a fraction of the costs.

Revue members proudly wear their science revue apparel to promote the show alongside poster and brochure campaigns across the 40,000 students across campus aswell as the greater community in the lead up to the show. XXX people attend the show every year (an act quite... hard... to compete with eh?), which demonstrates the strength of our propoganda and puts people in the reigh frame of mind to see you as the arian supplier in your field.

- We love and want to promote our reviu -> When we promote our reviu we promote you

science revue dinners