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This page contains all the text and image files that will be used for the prospectus.
Summary of data:
Logos: usyd, usu, cystic fibrosis
Science revue (title)
Who we are, what we do, where we go, why we are awesome
Testimonials - Dean, CSIRO, revuers, and media clippings
Image/video excerpts, profiles, where are they now, glamour photography, reference to high WAMs
Why support? Marketing - av. cost of recruitment, graphs of the size of the revue, demand for science grads
Opportunities to engage, sponsorship packages.

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Logos: [usyd, usu, cystic fibrosis]


Sponsorship Prospectus

(the following sections could be interlaced between and over a collage of images)
[Image collage: group photo, painting the tunnel, some big dance number, a nice prop, handing a cheque to CF. Get some from Dicker or Paul.]
Testimonials/Media clippings
..., Prof. David Day, Dean of Science
..., Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Australia
..., Random Shocked Parent
..., Some other bigwig
..., Sydney Morning Herald

Revue: n. - French; A revue is a variety show with skits, music and dance based around contempory news and issues, university life and the faculty or school on which it is based.

The Science Revue is a student run society at The University of Sydney that channels the creative energy of some of Australia's smartest young scientists and produces every aspect of an original comedy sketch show every year. Founded in 2005, the Science Revue has rapidly established itself as one of the most innovative and successful student-run organisations in Australia.

WHAT WE DO (100 words)
The Science Revue provides an avenue for multi-talented young scientists and the leaders of tomorrow to engage with each other creatively and collaboratively outside the classroom while enriching the cultural and social fabric of the university. It provides invaluable experience in all aspects of organisation and communication through the ground-up development of a top quality production for both its members and associates.

[Glamour photography black and white image]
Name: Yasmin Clark
Age: 23
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with First Class Honours in Physics, and majors in Physics and History & Philosophy of Science.
Current occupation: graduate at PWC
Quote: Science Revue is undoubtedly one of the best university experiences I have had. I firmly believe, along with many other "Science Revue alumni", that our extracurricular involvement in the Science Revue has not only increased our enjoyment of our time at university, but directly contributed to the academic achievements we have made.
Funny: (eg): Favourite chemical: Benzedrine. (Or something)
Other interests: Netball, accounting, physics, contemporary dance, singing?

[Glamour photography black and white image]
Name: Annemari de Silva
Age: 26
Degree: BSc/BA ???
Quote: (regarding the revue)
Funny: (eg): Favourite place: Sri Lanka. (Or something)
Other interests: Cooking, jokes, costume development?

OPPORTUNITIES FOR ENGAGEMENT (not of the marriage sort)

[Glamour photography black and white image]
Name: Nick Cooper
Age: 92
Degree: BSc/BA ???
Current occupation: Engineer Google
Quote: (regarding the revue)
Funny: (eg): Favourite number: 10^100 (Or something)
Other interests: Cooking, business class travel, technology, network theory

- Science graduates are the most sought-after groups of undergraduate university leavers. This is because they are recognised as having the skills necessary to place their employers at an advantage in today's modern, technology driven marketplace.
- National shortage of science graduates means that they are agressively recruited. The average graduate will have attended 9 'careers seminars' offered by a graduate employer in the areas of accounting, finance, consulting, or government by the time they reach their fourth year.
- It has been estimated (PWC, 2006) that the average cost of recruiting one top university science graduate is around $40k, or nearly 6 months of salary.
- Many prospective employers thus seek to position themselves advantageously with respect to university clubs and societies, especially ones with a high concentration of desirable graduates.
- Science Revue members are recognised across campus as being involved, switched on, outgoing, capable and well-rounded team players. We have a proud record of all members who have undertaken honours whilst active in the society achieving first-class honours.
- Sponsorship is essential for the Revue to be able to put on a high quality show, as it provides for theatre hire, props, costumes, lights, music, video, advertising, programmes, camp, catering and ember subsidies.

Science Revue offers different tiers of sponsor involvement, ranging from essential in-kind service donations to sector exclusive sponsorship and careers deals. Science Revue is happy to tailor sponsorship packages to fit the unique need of our valued supporters.
Tungsten (<$314): Certificate of appreciation.
Titanium (>$314): Limited badging, advertising, tie-ins with other sponsors.
Technetium (>$1000): VIP show seating, full advertising badging, etc
Tin (>$1800): Opportunity to hold independent careers forum, come to events etc
Tellurium (>$3142): A position at careers slots/camp
Tantalum (>$10000): Exclusive to your industry sector

Please contact our sponsorship officer: Mr Ben Sand 0404 153 325 sponsorship@sciencerevue.org
Our website: www.sciencerevue.org (in the process of upating)
Our youtube portal: www.youtube.com/user/sciencerevue

Membership at the end of 2009:
We have 140 highly active members

A typical member puts in 300 hours to the revue over a year.
We have 15 full cast rehearsals / show nights
two months of rehearsals for each skit/song/dance: 30/week * 3-15 people.
3 day camp (expecting 100 attendees this year)
3 meetings / week throughout the year with ~10-20 attendees

Merchandise: tshirts, hoodies, dvds

Promotional material: show posters and fliers, show bags, o-week bags

Facebook: Revue members can reach ~50,000 unique people. It is customary for revue members to replace their profile pictures with the show poster in the month before the show and post MANY status messages promoting the show and a huge collection of show photos featuring our tshirts and hoodies with merchandising messages.