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Current Progress:

Currently there is no official deal. We have had contact only.

A proposal for a sponsorship deal is currently being put together. The package should be prepared within 2 weeks, after which we will present our sponsorship proposal to the CSIRO.



Communication and contacts:

Primary contact: Jane Kahler 

Position: Communications in Canberra

Phone number:

Mobile number:

Email address:





Final deal

Our responsibilities:


Their responsibilities:





Workings towards a deal

What they want:

  • Type 2 sponsorship package (companies that want graduate students)
  • Type 3 sponsorship package (companies that are for the furtherment of science and technology.
    ~Non standard components of package: Video clip for evolution
  • CSIRO are keen to reach out to 14-25 year olds and invite them to engage with science. They are hoping we will do things that make science seem trendy and fun, but not necessarily teach any science as they have that covered.


What we want:

Main priorities:

  • Filming on their site and using their equipment as props (CSIRO should be more than happy to provide this as the past, CSIRO has run a lot of open days for the public to increase public interest and I would assume they would be even more interested in getting actual science students in, as they would be statistically more likely to apply for jobs there)
  • Opportunities for graduate science revue students or scholarships or some form of study assistance (again, this would be mutually beneficial)
  • Other study opportunities

Additional potential benefits:

  • Tutorage from scientists in CSIRO
  • Equipment or use of equipment for the revue
  • Money? (very unlikely - possibly try for it next year after we've had a deal with them for a while)

Additional notes:

 Info from the CSIRO
CSIRO's Communication Goals:
* Appeal to 14-35s, particularly 14-25s.
* Focus on Invitations to Engage, more than Education.
* Promote awareness of science issues affecting Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders.

CSIRO's HR Goals:

* Attract Best and Brightest
* Increase level of Indigenous & Torres Strait Islander employment
* Increase awareness of:
   + PhD Scholarships
   + Honours Scholarships
* Receive targetted publicity

Potential Avenues of Collaboration:

CSIRO Communication:
Work with the Science Revue to create competitions for activities that further CSIRO Communication's goals. Prizes could include cadetships for individuals and monetary awards for organisations.

Promote CSIRO employment and scholarship opportunities to Science Revue members in exchange for financial sponsorship of the revue.