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Sponsorship Packages

Current ideas for sponsorship packages:
- Cool sciency names ("Big bang package", etc)
- Tailer specific packages for types of companies: Eagle boys wouldn't care about the same things as P&G, for instance.

Things that we can offer
Their logo on T-shirts
Coupons in the show bags
Mentions on the show itself
Banners from the UAV
Banners/pamphlets/etc at our O week stall

Product placement in the revue
Access to the science revue camp
Access to the mini careers day in July

Type 1 packages

For companies that want to sell stuff to students.

Examples of companies: Eagle boys, Flight center, Landsdown pub, etc. any company that you personally bought stuff off.

They want to sell stuff to people, they want their logo on the T shirts, vouchers in the show bags and banners/pamphlets in the stall.

Type 2 packages

For companies that want students.

Examples of companies: PWC, Google, etc.

Type 3 packages

For companies that are for the furtherment of science and technology

Examples: CSIRO