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Telemarketing summary sheet

This page contains a preamble to a number of other documents for people who are calling, which are:
  • Company info and contact details (currently exist in spreadsheet form)
  • Budget
  • Prospectus (developed separately)
  • Packages
  • Contacts within the revue
  • Script suggestion
Plan of attack (outstanding tasks with completeness)
1) ~80% Identify sectors and companies of interest.
2) ~80% Research contact details of people of interest within certain companies, either through web trawling or first level phone calls.
3) Find people with personal connections - through the revue mailing list.
4) Telemarketing training (more later)
5) Collate forces and commence calls by the 5 Dec.
6) Secure meeting dates (to be recorded on the wiki)
7) Prep for interviews (laptop + DVDs at minimum - video prospectus would be nice, but maybe only after new year)
8) Write the contract, close the deal. (by 24 Dec)

Telemarketing training workshop
Get people with direct experience (Lukas, Pat Coy, etc) to lend experience or tips.
Develop script and other documents.
Meeting (1 Dec) people arrive, eat sugar. The workshop begins with a discussion of the general idea to get people into the correct frame of mind, thinking the right sort of thoughts, and to make people think.
After a while, hand out scripts, pair up and practise. Giggle a lot (get them out of the way).
Reconvene and have Ben or someone do a live call (by mobile) while everyone watches in total silence. Call a long shot option (and hopefully by mobile - just after 5 pm you can get them on the car-phone...).
Split into different pairs and do another series of practise rounds (short).
Reconvene, discuss, hand out remaining material (above documents), discuss (ie budget), and close.

I think having two callers per company is a good idea, with the second one taking over after a week if no progress has been made.

  • Company info and contact details: This is a cutout of the total spreadsheet with the companies allocated to each person (or the whole spreadsheet with some judicious underlining). In addition each telephonee can read the wikipedia page about each company to get some context, and have the names of some of the people on the board on hand. This is important for confidence and to also make it look like you've done your homework and aren't just trying high volume selling.
  • Budget: Some figures need to be on hand so people can explain why the revue needs money, and what they plan to do with it. Rona will hack out a budget and put it here, with any luck.
  • Prospectus (developed separately): will have the info of all the documents in a compressed form (as well as 'what's a revue?'), and also some quotable quotes from the dean, etc etc. It will be available in a text-only form by 1 Dec and printed with design and template by 7 Dec.
  • Packages: Can be taken from the prospectus. Different levels of funding and what they buy you. This can be taken from the November Meeting page.
  • Contacts at the revue: Want more info? Contact Ben Sand (0404153325) or something.
  • Script: A suggested script to help people out.
General plan: (modified slightly for PR deficient sponsors)
  • Important: SMILE - they can hear it and it'll put them in a bright and sunny disposition.
  • Greeting: Hello, is this *name of person being called*. (It is important to use names - makes people 10000 times more friendly)
  • Introduction: I am *name*.
  • Permission to talk: Is this a good time? If not, when would be a better time? Do you have a few minutes?
  • First spiel: I'm calling on behalf of The University of Sydney Science Revue. We're getting in contact with recognised graduate employers to discuss possibilities for engagement opportunities and sponsorship. (uh huh)
  • Second breath: As you are no doubt aware, there is an ongoing shortage of quality university graduates in the area of banking/accounting/defence research/etc. As you may know, science students in particular are agressively recruited by *company name* and others in the sector, often through innovative university based information seminars, cocktail parties, and so on. The Sydney University Science Revue Society has probably the highest concentration of overachieving scientists in Australia. As we graduate over the next few years many of us will be seeking lucrative employment in your sector, and will bring a substantial advantage to whichever company we end up working for. (uh huh)
  • Bring it back: Back to the Science Revue. The Science Revue puts on a comedy sketch show every year. Each year we seek sponsorship to finance an increasingly ambitious show. (CSIRO video?). In return for the sponsorship, our sponsors gain privaleged access to the very people who they would like to recruit. This access is targetted and far more efficient than other recruitment processes, such as seminars or cocktail parties (fun as they are!)
  • Secure a meeting (most important part): We'd like to discuss potential options in more detail with you and your colleagues. (okay). I suggest a meeting where we can show you excerpts of previous shows and discuss different packages.
  • Packages: For our main sponsors there are options to advertise through a range of different media, logos, etc. There are also opportunities to present directly to the cast, crew, and production team in a series of careers seminars we will hold in May.
  • Exclusivity: We are eager to discuss all options at a meeting, and some of our sponsors have been able to stand alone in their sector.
  • Budget: (Some people like to talk numbers). Blah numbers blah
  • More information: Please do not hesitate to contact me on *number*, or our sponsorship coordinator on *number* or *email*.
  • Close the conversation: (This can be difficult to do.). It has been good to talk to you *name*, I look forward to discussing further options at a meeting (or at another time if a meeting has yet to be arranged).
Follow up
Summarise the conversation in an email, and email it through to them, complete with a prospectus. Something like
Dear *name*,
Thankyou for your time this afternoon - it was excellent to speak with you directly about opportunities for *company* and the Science Revue to do business.
(If progress on a meeting still needs to be made - ask for it here.*)
Close the email with a link to the CSIRO page with the graph open: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWmivumLLLw

At the meeting the sponsorship person (Ben) plus the person(s) who made the calls should be there, at the minimum.
Stuff to bring: Pen, paper, draft contract, prospectus, budget, packages, company info (to revise on the bus), where are they now, names of people at the meeting, interests, occupations - know the target.
ALSO: Laptop with DVD player and DVDs, or internal memory videos, of certain excerpts. I suggest Science Revue animation, CSIRO, Ticket to Ryde, UTS Jenga, Poke sketch, 24, Bread Dream, Feng Shui fighting (stage only). Some of these will be redone over the summer to higher production values - great!
Dress: No brainer. Day suit, nice shirt, matching unstained tie, clean shaven, neat hair. Look the ... part.
Attitude: No entitlement, obviously. Less arrogance. Sincere, interesting and interested. Talk about the project etc. This seems obvious, but even in professional business so many high level deals go down in flames because the personalities involved are so unlikeable.